I have fallen in love with travel. And after over a year spent trying to figure out how to be able to travel continuously, I have become successful as a freelance writer. The point of this blog is to keep in touch with friends and family, to share my successes with others who are considering a life on the road, and to show that it is possible to buck the conventions of “practicality” and travel forever!

I find living abroad to be such a rewarding lifestyle, one where passion for life can escalate quickly, and you can be completely raw and real with people. Your mind is less cluttered, so you are free to think more deeply about the world around you. Travel has done amazing things for my life, and I am more than willing to help others get established abroad so that they can realize the same paradigm shift.

Whatever I write about the places I visit, I promise that I will try to be fair and accurate. Anything I post will be based on my observations and experiences, the opinions of locals I meet, or research I’ve done. I’ll do my best to correctly represent every place I visit, but I really can’t get the full picture of a place that I visit only for a short time. And if you, as a reader, disagree with something I’ve written, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. The point of the blog is to give a taste of many places and experiences, and if there’s something new I can learn about a place I’ve visited, I welcome that.

I hope you enjoy reading!



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