Oyster Omelet

The best night market in Taiwan is said to be the Miaokou night market in nearby Keelung city. Being the food lover that I am, I had to make it there at least once during my stay in Taiwan.


I have to say, these were some of the strangest foods I’ve ever tried!


First of all, I had to try an oyster omelet. This is a favorite Taiwan snack. Honestly, I can’t see it. The concept of oysters and green vegetables in an omelet is great. But it’s the goo that gets me. The base of the omelet is not egg, but rather a goop made out of potato starch. This layer is put in before an egg is cracked on top of the omelet. The texture is really tough to describe, but it’s kind of like a chewy, flavorless jello. Not something you want to find in an omelet.


The second delight of the evening was squid balls. These were made from a cream (kind of like creamed corn) with squid in it, fried, topped with a stinky fermented sauce and mayo. The kicker were the “fish flakes”, which are a very thinly sliced fish product. The heat of the squid balls below makes them dance around as if they are alive. I had a hard time believing they weren’t somehow alive, since even when I held one up in the air to examine it, it continued to dance.



After those two, I was hesitant to try more! I went ahead and ate some ramen noodles when I got home.


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