Goodbye Taiwan!

I am writing to you from my beach hut in the Philippines!

Now that I am out of the country, I feel that I can speak more candidly about what happened with my school. I mentioned before that they refused to give me my visa even after they promised it. That, coupled with many other rights violations and poor treatment, made me decide to hand in my notice on the next pay day. But I ended up getting fired before then, on the spot, one day at lunchtime. Their reason was that parents complained that I let kids fight in my class and didn’t pay enough attention to them.

Were either of these things true? Nope. Were they true of the other teacher who taught the same grade as me? Oh, you mean the one who had 2 students sent to the hospital on 2 different occasions after fighting? The one who’s lesson plan each day was to show a movie or hand out a worksheet while she texted or worked on her side projects? Yes, they were. Unfortunately, this teacher also is very good friends with the principal and the head of English department; they regular go out for dinner and drinks together with their spouses.

The real reason I was fired was because I was vocal about some of the shady things that were going on there. An example was when I wrote a concerned email because that same teacher repeatedly showed up to work drunk and became belligerent. The principle didn’t act on it, but actually showed it to her, so that she could be even more evil to me than before. She was made head teacher the next day.

That’s only a small part of what was going on here, but it serves to illustrate the crap that I was putting up with on a daily basis here at this school. I believe that that rotten teacher and that rotten school deserve one another.

Anyhow, I am glad to have moved on. I have some great things ahead of me. I have been working for a long time now as a writer, and I’ve got enough clients now to start doing it full time… meaning that I can go anywhere! My life is an open book, ready to be written. I have already booked my itinerary up until the end of January; you can expect updates from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia!

My time in Taiwan was challenging. It was a lot of work, both in terms of actual work, and in terms of finding meaning and spiritual sustenance during my time there. It paid a lot, but it wasn’t worth it! All I can say is that I have enough savings now to act as a buffer, allowing me to travel at leisure and make the money up whenever I have a free moment. I could not be more stoked about what lies ahead.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Taiwan!

  1. you should post on the school’s website, or similar, so that other traveling teachers will be warned and not have the same experience.

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