After dark

There’s a restaurant on the corner of my street that is really scary. No matter what hour, even at 1 am, there are always a million people in there, and at least 5 workers rushing around trying to take everyone’s orders. I had been meaning to go in, but I was too intimidated. It’s so busy and I didn’t know what to order. And who are all those people, are they ghosts? The place is shrouded in such mystery, and it doesn’t help that they have mist coming out of nozzles around the edges of the restaurant, so there is a curtain of mist instead of doors. It’s eerie to see at night.

I finally got the guts to go in. I just stood there for a while and watched what everyone else was ordering. When I saw something I liked, I went up to order. It was a soup with pieces of fried donut, shrimp, carrots, chives, and hot soy milk as the broth. A food as mysterious as the restaurant itself. At the wee hours of the morning, when I was still writing, and my brain was barely working anymore, I began to come in and drink of the magical broth from the corner restaurant.


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