Tamsui street foods

One of the nice things about Taipei is that there are so many things of interest right outside the city. One of those things is Tamsui, a riverside town right at the edge of the MRT. There are a few somewhat picturesque spots, like the fisherman wharf:



But the majority of the interest here lies in its street food. Tamsui is known for its variety of unique foods. One of these is called iron eggs, which are eggs that are repeatedly boiled in a tea mixture and then air-dried. The result is dark, chewy eggs that have shrunken to about 1/3 of their original size:


They are extremely flavorful compared to regular boiled eggs.

Another popular food in Tamsui is fish ball soup. The broth is extremely fishy and takes some getting used to. But the fish balls themselves are quite tasty. There are many different kinds: plain, fish paste mixed with garlic, and what seems to be a pork and fish paste mixture. The soup contains one of each type of ball, so, jackpot.

Then, I found my new favorite Taiwanese food. They are similar to crab rangoon, except the filling is based more on scallions and a semisweet sauce. I don’t know if crab rangoon is a real Chinese food… it doesn’t seem like it would be, based on the limited amount of dairy products around here. Crab rangoon was my favorite Chinese food before, but I feel inauthentic after learning the truth… I guess I’ll make these my new favorite food.

These round, red balls are everywhere. I couldn’t figure out what they were. They’re tomatoes, coated in a thick, red syrup candy. It’s much better than it sounds!


My final stop in food land was this ice cream stall. They pile up ice cream about 12 inches high! Though, most of it melts before you get the chance to eat it. I got the green tea/mango swirl.


After all of this adventure in a new city, I rode the MRT just 40 minutes back to my apartment. Safe and sound in Taipei.


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