North coast

I just got back from a full day of sightseeing. My first stop was Jiufen, which is a really cool place because it displays some of the old architecture of Taiwan. The town is also well-known for being the place that inspired the town in the movie “Spirited Away”. While I don’t quite remember the movie town, I do know that this town is really quaint and attractive. (For movie comparisons, you can check HERE:



Next, I went to Bitou Cape, a beautiful point on the Northern coast. The landscape reminded me of Cape Town, with its dark, cloudy mountains cutting through views of the ultrablue ocean. The path along the top of the mountains also looks somewhat like a small Great Wall of China, in my opinion. A really cool place:




One funny thing about this place was that there is an elementary school on the way up to the summit, and on weekends, it opens its doors to tourists who need to use the bathroom or just want to hang out for a while. There were even some street vendors in there. I thought it was a random and funny, but charitable act on the part of the school!



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