Libel laws

Here is some information about censorship and penalties for “slander” and libel in Taiwan. These articles sum it up better than I can, and there’s some good information here.


People who posted a “rumor” on facebook that there was an H7N9 breakout and suggested people wear surgical masks to stay healthy, now facing up to a $17,000 fine:


A food blogger who reviewed a restaurant and said its noodles were “too salty” is now being fined $7,000 for libel:


Lastly, if a blogger posts a criticism of China online, and the post receives over 5000 views or 500 retweets, the person could go to jail for 3 years:


These are scary. I hope this blog never gets famous, so that I don’t get more than 5000 views on any of my posts. I wouldn’t like to be thrown in a Chinese prison for slander… but as they say, if you love me, follow my blog. If you hate me, follow my blog, too… and make sure you retweet it 500 times.


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