Got Milk? No, we don’t.



Milk is the most precious commodity here in Taiwan. There are no cows on the island, so all of the milk has to be imported. That gets expensive, so a lot of restaurants, etc. will use milk powder.


Whenever there’s actual, real, bonafide milk in something, it’s a big frickin’ deal. There will be a gigantic carton labeled “Quality, Fresh Milk” displayed outside of the shop’s door. A drink with milk in it costs about as much as 2 meals. But it’s so, so worth it for that sweet elixir of the cow’s teat.


At school, usually we have various fake milks for snack time. Almond milk, barley milk, and soy milk are some of the most popular… but sometimes we get the real stuff. And then, it’s a BIG. FRICKIN. DEAL. So exciting. But the school will only buy one carton for 35 kids (normally we use 3 cartons for snack time). So then you just get 30 kids crowding around you like thirsty kittens, wanting more than the drop of milk that you are able to give them.


MILK. Be thankful for it.


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