Da Real China

This weekend, I paid a visit to the majestic Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall. This was the first time that I really felt that I was in China. The day I visited, it was a massive and imposing image, set against swirling, stormy skies. In front of the memorial, there are the National Theater and National Concert Hall, also impressive. I was lucky enough to see a military parade and concert happening that day.



Inside, there are two guards who stand absolutely still for the entire day. (Well, they rotate duties, but still.) I decided to add that to my list of world’s shittiest jobs.


And inside the memorial, there was a traditional pipa concert. It seems like it takes so much skill to play—the melodies are often so quick and complicated. The strumming method for “fluttering” the note is impressive. Take a look at this video:



After taking this impressive stop into traditional Chinese culture, it was back to the rest of the westernized country. I stopped in at McDonalds and had me a burger. 


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