The other day, I was feeling restless in my room, so I decided to go to the Maokong Gondola which is supposed to have awesome views of the city at night. After checking the closing time and trekking all the way down to the last stop of the MRT, I arrived to find that the website hours were incorrect. I had a bit of a breakdown at that point– I was feeling overwhelmed by the many things that have not been working out lately.


I wandered over to a park fountain, so that I could at least spend a half hour outside before going all the way back home. Out of nowhere, Beethoven’s 3rd began to play and a massive water and light show erupted from the pond in front of me. It felt like the universe was trying to cheer me up and remind me that even though some things will go wrong, there are always new surprises awaiting you everywhere. You just have to go along with the ride.


I guess this a good of a time as any to announce that my school has refused to supply me with a permanent residence permit or work permit. They wanted me to work illegally and go back and forth across the border every few months to keep my tourist visa active. This was after I signed a contract with them where they promised to give me all of my papers. I’ve elected not to live a life of daily deportation risk, so I need to be out of the country before November 10. Oh well. I’m sure it was clear to those who have been following the blog that I was not thrilled with this school, anyway.


I am going to figure out my next moves shortly. I’ve got some pretty good ideas, and I think this blog is going to get even more exciting pretty soon!




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