Aboriginal Culture in Wulai

Definitely the coolest place I’ve been so far in Taiwan is Wulai. It’s a little town in the mountains that boasts aboriginal culture, hot springs, and a massive jungle waterfall.

When you first pull up to Wulai on the bus, it’s like you’ve entered a different world. The water is an unreal color, with pieces of different shades of blue.


 A tangled mess of electrical wires hangs over the lake and supply a makeshift power source to the town.




 As you walk along the main street, you come across old-style buildings and food stalls sell snacks that have been eaten for a hundred years.


Aboriginal food is really far out. Some of the main ingredients are millet, spicebush, and ox. I tried a chicken, green papaya, and spicebush soup, which was ok but bland. Then I had some millet wine. It was white and milky, so I assumed it the “wine” part was just a name. But it sure packed a little punch!

They also offered fried bees on the menu. I didn’t try them, because they were $15 and I’m not that adventurous either.


The best part of the town was the waterfall. I walked along a winding cliff on a road whose edge dropped off onto a gorge. On the other side, an intimidating wall of jungle towered a hundred feet into the sky.  In the end, I was rewarded with this waterfall:




What a great little town!



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