Wednesday Extravaganza

Wednesdays. Wednesdays are wonderful. The best day of the week, in fact.


I go into work, teach for 2 hours, and then take a massive nap on the mat that I spread out under my desk at work. Afternoon classes are canceled on Wednesdays.


I leave work, feeling unstressed and energized, and I head to the public gym for a long workout. They are usually playing some strange and diverse things on their big screen TVs, such as footage of typhoons, snakes being skinned, MTV, and a cooking show, usually at the same time.


Next, I eat a big dinner out with friends, usually at the fried kimchi dumpling place near my house. They have the most delicious wax gourd tea.


On Wednesdays, most of the clubs in Taipei have “ladies night”, which means free entry and drinks until 12 am. You can usually find me at myst, because it’s the prettiest dance floor, with a giant lit-up waterfall in the background.


Yay Wednesdays!!




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