Typhoon Hype


Before I moved here, the world “typhoon” was terrifying to me. The only things labeled as typhoons in the US media were major disasters. As it happens, typhoons occur on a regular basis here. In the first month of being here, I experienced at least 4 typhoons.

Basically, when a typhoon comes to town, it just rains a lot… for days straight. It becomes hard to keep track of the time passing, because you feel like you’re stuck in an endless rain spell. It seems that the world outside my window isn’t real, it’s just a rainy scene being played on a loop night and day.

Everyone stays inside for the entire four days of the typhoon. You’d think that with so many typhoons and so much rain, people would just be used to the wetness and go about their daily lives. But I guess no matter how used to rain you get, it’s still not fun to be outside with wet feet. It sure gets boring though during the typhoons.


The real action happens mostly off shore. We always see pictures of the massive waves hitting the coasts and the strong winds bending the trees. I guess things could be worse than this endless rain– those destructive forces could see their way to Taipei.


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