Trash Island


Since Taiwan is a small island, there’s not really anywhere for trash to go. This means that recycling gets intense.

Everything, everywhere, is recycled. In my apartment, we have 7 different recycling bins for different kinds of material, plus a compost bin. Recycling is free and encouraged. Garbage, on the other hand, is super expensive. So, we only throw out a tiny bit per week.

Every Wednesday, the garbage truck comes around (playing tunes as if it were an ice cream truck). People shuffle out there and dump their tiny trash bags and pay their fees.

There are few public trash cans; the government doesn’t want to bear the cost of hauling out a bunch of people’s trash. The trash cans at the MRT stations explicitly forbid us from placing household trash in them. I imagine that before that sign was placed, people would bring big ol’ bags of trash to these cans!


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