The Almighty Mango



The best thing about Taiwan is undoubtedly mango ice. This is a dessert served in a massive bowl the size of your head, and made of frozen and shaved “milk ice” with mangoes and sweetened condensed milk. I will never go back to regular ice cream, ever.


I can’t even begin to explain the perfection of this dessert! The ice milk has the most wonderful texture; it is flaked so that it is fluffy and compresses on your tongue. It’s exactly like eating freshly fallen, cream-flavored snow! That is so precious in a country with humid, 90-100 degree days and questionable air quality. I’m immediately transported to the top of a mountain in a Siberian forest, where I am sitting in the woods staring into the eyes of a lone deer, snow falling heavily all around us.


This dessert is so good that every time I suggest that one of my friends and I meet up later to get mango ice, I obsessing about it so hard that I can’t wait any longer and I go buy it immediately. The other day I caved in and went to eat mango ice only 20 minutes before I was supposed to meet with a friend to eat it… I couldn’t wait! I ended up having the same mango ice at the same shop again 20 minutes later when the friend arrived. You may think I’m crazy, but you have got to try it before you’ll understand.


I fear that I will go crazy when I leave Taiwan and can’t have mango ice anymore. Hopefully, I will forget the flavor and texture of it sooner rather than later. But if not, I can somewhat imagine myself as a fat middle aged woman chained to Taiwan, eating mango ice day in and day out… if it has to be that way.




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