Scary things can happen…

I was reading this article the other day about an ESL teacher who died while teaching in China, and his family back in the US was scrambling to come up with nearly $13,000 to have his body shipped home before the Chinese government decided to “dispose of it”. The full article can be read below.

This article gave me a real scare because it’s easy to feel almost invincible while teaching abroad. It’s true that it can be an escape from the “daily grind” of life, since it’s easy to feel secure in having a place to live and plenty of money to get by, along with an undemanding job. But it’s important to be reminded sometimes of the fact that this is real life and not just an eternal holiday, and real things can happen. And when they do, we’re alone over here, with no family or lifelong connections to help us through. Or even a familiar government who is on “our side”. What a horrible thought and a horrible event.


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