Dawgs are everywhere in Taiwan. There is an abundance of large dogs in the street nowadays, since it’s been illegal to kill dogs since 1998. (A law was passed to stop people from eating dogs, since this was hurting the national image in foreign eyes). However, that doesn’t explain what the F this is:


Anyhow, no more eating dogs. Darn.

Usually pet dogs are of the tiny variety. People carry them around on the streets in little pouches meant for babies. I have never seen dogs with such ridiculous hair styles before. The picture below, while not of the highest quality, illustrates two of the craziest dog hairstyles I’ve seen. Big black dog disguised as poodle, and dog with two 10-inch braids. How does that dog even walk? Or does it get carried around all the time?


What is up with this dog stuff? Let’s just do normal things with dogs.


Another thing that puzzles me is that none of the dogs here EVER bark. I guess what I’ve heard is that the population density is so large that if a dog barks, it will disturb about 50 people. So all of the pet dogs are sent to be trained not to bark. I don’t know if I want to know how they manage that one.

But at least the dogs here aren’t rabid, like they are in Thailand… throwback to this post



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