My New Job: The Good

From the moment I walked into the interview for this job, I knew I had it in the bag. The interviewer said she had been so excited to meet me, and so had her daughter, because they were so impressed by my resume. Woo!

The school is an international elementary school, and I was supposedly lucky to get hired; generally, people are required to have a teaching license in their home country in order to work at an international school. The pay is unbeatable, both in the rest of Taiwan and in most teaching destinations of the world. I will be able to save about 1500 USD per month, while living a very comfortable lifestyle. The teaching hours are reasonable– it’s only 4 actual hours of teaching per day. The rest is just brushing teeth, snack times, etc. And, the school is 15 minutes’ walk from my apartment.

For once, I sooort of have my own classroom. I share it with one other teacher. I got to decorate my window all cute:




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