Ok, so I have to admit. These kids are pretty cute. When I forget the world of the angry adults in the school, I can really enjoy spending time with these kids. They’re so easy to brainwash too– something as simple as clapping out a rhythm or doing a dance with motions is enough to make them forget that they were in the middle of doing something rebellious. And once you’ve got a kid, you’ve got him for good. At the beginning of the year, I had a little guy who would just roll his eyes any time I would ask him to do something. A few weeks later, and he won’t leave my side. Even though none of the other teachers can control him, I just pop in, shake my head, and he stops doing whatever he was doing. Now that’s real power!

I’ve never cohabited with children this young for such a long portion of the day. Sometimes I feel like it’s almost a zoological study, as I observe their habits and try to imagine what they’re thinking/remember what it was like to be that young. The thing that I’ve noticed the most is: freedom of personal fluids. Kids sneezing directly into the soup pan as they’re looking in to see what type of soup it is. Kids picking their nose and then losing track of their business and starting to eat (thus making the booger part of the snack). On one memorable day, I was working with a student when I saw a tiny bloody hand on my shoulder. I jumped up in terror only to find one of my students with blood running down his nose and hands (and now on my shirt). Another girl peed all over the floor while standing at my desk waiting for her workbook to be checked. Oh, I can hardly believe that I used to be like this!


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