End of Eurotrip.. And Aftermath

The most beautiful city of all– Prague!! I loved this place. The Vltava river was so icy and beautiful, and the swans along the river were very pretty. Coupled with smetana’s music, it was a wonderful image. The Charles bridge is so dark and menacing, and almost looks burnt. I enjoyed walking around here.






The food was the one aspect that was a bit disappointing. Things like potato mash, dumplings, and cabbage. The people weren’t very friendly either. I remember seeing a picture of a waitress hanging on the wall, and she wasn’t even smiling.


A highlight of the visit was a blacklight theater production that I saw. Blacklight theater is a genre of Czech theater involving elements of magic tricks/illusions. It’s pretty cool. The play I saw was called Aspects of Alice, and boy, was it a trip. There were all these neon lights and scary large things floating around the stage… I felt like I was on shrooms.

One thing that was funny was that you could tell the actors were sick of performing the same play every night. They were losing it a little. That is until two of the leads in the play took their tops of and started running around the stage. Wtf just happened?


Went to Slovakia. Didn’t see a whole lot, because I was pretty burnt out by this point.


A few things happened in Vienna:


1. A homeless man took a dump on the metro seat next to me. I got up and went to a different seat.

2. I saw the Vienna Boys Choir, which was really cool!

3. Missed my flight home, for various reason that are really messed up. Don’t want to go into it.


I then stayed in Istanbul for over a week, waiting for my Russia visa. In the end, the company said that the embassy had made a mistake and they had to send it back and reprocess it.  I cracked– I was running out of money and sick of the stress of waiting for this visa that never seemed to come, even after almost 3 months. So I booked a ticket to South Africa.


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