On the horizon…

After putting the hard feelings I discussed in the last post behind me, I’ve been busy as a bee trying to plan my move to Russia. Getting a job was a real hassle– companies wanted multiple skype chats, lesson plans, essays, interviews where they quizzed me on grammar and classroom scenarios for an hour straight… I’ve never heard of a country with these kind of policies. I went through this boot camp interview process 4 times before landing a job.

After I got the job, the “fun” was only beginning. It’s going to take another month, at least, before I can make the trip. The visa process is a nightmare, and involves filing paperwork in Russia, mailing it here, filing more paperwork here, getting medical tests and setting up health insurance… man, they really are trying to discourage the weak-willed from coming in. They almost got me, but I decided to stick with this treacherous process because I had already sunk countless hours into it.

I’m not sure how my job will be, whether it will be better or worse than my university experience. On the upside, I know that I’ll have a maximum of 8 students per class instead of 25. My bosses are two nice older ladies who seem very kind and welcoming. But, it seems a bit like a teaching boot camp. A ton of hours, 6 days a week, and for a pittance. The city is Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad– let’s see what interesting history lies here.

But, before all of this Russia business takes place, there’s another really exciting opportunity awaiting me. On Wednesday, I will leave for a crazy 3.5- week trip around Central and Eastern Europe. I call it crazy because the itinerary is way too ambitious– 8 countries in 3.5 weeks. Basically, I’ll spend 2 days 1 night in one city, then take the night train to the next city, and stay again for 2 days/1 night. Sometimes I splurged and planned for 3 days in one city. The stops will include Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, and Serbia. Ahhh I can’t wait!!!!


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