Kahvaltı tabağı– Turkish breakfast

Kahvalti Tabagi

One of the rare delights when I find myself out of bed early enough, is “kahvaltı tabağı” or breakfast plate. The plate, although sparsely populated, has the most harmonious combination of foods known to breakfast. Usually I’m not a fan of breakfast, because it’s so polarizing. When you go out to breakfast, you either order something salty, like an omelet, or you order something sweet, like pancakes. If you go for the pancakes, you feel bad all day for having eaten unhealthy crap for breakfast. If you get the omelet, a part of your heart is missing the pancakes.


Well, the Turks have solved that problem. They give you a plate that has a little bit of everything– bread, meat, cheese, vegetables, and best of all, honey and preserves with whole pieces of fruit in them. And the fruit has soaked up all of the sugar in the preserves, so it’s like biting into a strawberry from an angel’s garden. (Frequently at night, you can find me idly eating strawberry preserves out of the can while watching How I Met Your Mother.)


I think breakfast will never be the same after the kahvaltı tabağı.


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