WTA hollaaaa


The WTA championships came to Istanbul! And I got to see SERENA WILLIAMS play!!!!! That’s a childhood dream come true right there.


I just wanna say that Serena played beautifully. I can’t fault any move she made on the court during that game. She’s so powerful, it’s almost scary to be in the same room with her. And she absolutely dominated Azarenka. (Who, by the way, is super annoying… she made shrill noises every time she hit the ball… like the noise a little kid makes when firing an imaginary gun, “piu piu!”)


The picture above cracks me up because that guy from LMFAO was at the match. And by the way he was behaving, he seemed to believe that a lot of people came to see him (or even cared that he was there). Truth is, no one really knew who he was. Nevertheless, he kept coming onto the court and dancing whenever there was a break. It was ridiculous, I couldn’t believe he was still there by the end of the day, dancing and trying to attract some attention to himself. And then he gave a speech about how he likes tennis.


A nice moment for the day was when Na Li had her match. Everyone rooted for her. I don’t think it was because the crowd was particularly made up of her fans. I think it was a demonstration of the Turks’ support of the new or different. I think they saw an Asian female tennis player, thought it was unusual and interesting, and chose to side with her. It’s part of a spirit that I admire in Turkey.


Yaaaay WTA!


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