Special Announcement– Next Destination!!

I may or may not have said I’d be in Turkey for a year, but this was before I realized that it’s better to stay somewhere for 3-4 months. You get the feel of the place, and then you move on to a new experience before you get too settled in and stuck. With that in mind, my time in Turkey is winding down.

So, I have an exciting announcement to make– I have decided that my next move will be to Russia! I’ll go there the second week in January. And yes, I know it will be cold. That’s actually something I’m excited about– I’ll be able to say I survived a Russian winter!

My reason for choosing Russia is mainly the language. I have been wanting to learn it for a couple of years. I’ve made feeble attempts to learn it a couple of times, but given up quickly since I didn’t have the necessary tools to tackle such a challenging language. I figure that if I go there, I’ll have plenty of practice partners, and plenty of time to study– because let’s be honest, I’m never going to go outside.

So hopefully, I’ll find a job that’s not too demanding, and a cozy little apartment where I can hibernate for the winter. My first choice city is Moscow, but I’m going to go wherever I can find a job. I’ve stopped drinking in preparation because I imagine that I’ll be doing some compulsory damage to my liver once I get there…



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