Hibernation Mode

So, I’m pretty settled in Istanbul, finally. The first bits of teaching were a struggle, but now my students and I have come to an understanding. They don’t always have to pay attention, but they can’t be disruptive to the rest of the class. Now, the first group of classes is over, and I am about to start teaching the advanced students… the “pre-professional” English course. I hope these new kids will have themselves a bit more together in the classroom.


As far as life, it’s starting to get pretty normal. I’m not like, “oh my gosh, I’m in Turkeyyyy woohoo!!!” anymore. Instead I’m like, “It’s cold, I’m gonna snuggle into my bed and maybe never come back out…” It was a big, exciting process to get from being fresh off the boat to where I am now. I really burnt a lot of energy the past few months, constantly meeting people and going places, my mouth constantly hung open in awe (metaphorically, mostly.) It was a lot of fun at first, but there was definitely a crash when I realized that most of my social efforts had amounted to nothing. It’s just not easy to find a genuine group of friends here. There are plenty of people to meet all the time, people who are interesting, curious, and intelligent, but most of them are already busy enough and not willing to take on another person in their lives. These quickly made connections die quicker than they began. And I guess I got a bit discouraged.


So now I am mostly in hibernation, trying to spend a lot of me time and tighten up areas of my life that I let fall by the wayside when I was busier. Saving money, learning, getting healthy. On the weekends, I still go on solo adventures, to discover some more of this city’s secrets. But for now…




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