Fortune telling with Turkish coffee




Turkish coffee is unlike other coffee. The beans are ground into a very fine paste (that I, to the horror of many of my Turkish comparts, find delicious and looove to eat). Only a small amount of water is added to brew, and so the cup of coffee is more the size of an espresso shot. But you can take tiny sips and make that sucker last for an hour. This is the goal, so that you can sit at your nice seaside perch for as long as possible without having to buy any more overpriced items.


If you’re lucky, there will be someone around that can tell your fortune. Unfortunately for me, you can’t eat the coffee grinds if you want your fortune told. You have to wait until they dry, and then you flip the cup on its saucer so that the contents empty out. The fortune teller then reads the pattern that’s left on the walls of the cup.


Apparently, my future is quite uncertain. My life is full of intense emotion and questioning. And I will go to some “high” place, whatever that may mean, where I will search for an answer. If I get the answer I’m looking for, it will have a profound effect on my life.


But around the corner, there is some danger lurking (haha, of course!). Fortunately, there is a loyal person in my life who has the power to save me from this danger. It will depend on how I treat this person, whether they will be there to help me or not.


Well I’m a believer, and I like to think this is a series of events in my near future. After I heard this, I was really interested in figuring out who the loyal person was, and hyper-paranoid about pissing anyone off. Save me, loyal person! I haven’t found any situation where the fortune could apply yet, but hmm… maybe it will be true soon enough. If not, oh well… it was fun to think about.


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