There are something amazing things going on here in the candy department. I’ve found replicas of many of the treats I love back home, but the ones here are just sooo much better. Let me lay it out for you.


First, all of the candies that you know and love are here, except improved. Kit kats, for example, are made with high quality chocolate instead of that fake sugary crap back home. I’ll never be able to eat an American-made kit kat again. Next, we have a knock-off of girl scout samoas, in both bar and cookie form. And if you think nutella is great, but were running out of ideas for things to eat it on, they sell it in squeeze tubes– it’s like chocolate cheez-whiz. Or, you can buy shortbread cookies filled with nutella. But perhaps the best of them all are called tane tane. Forget malt balls. These are cookie balls covered in rich chocolate. I buy them almost every day on my way home from work.


I’m spending more on candy than I’m spending on vegetables…


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