Today I had a really bad problem. I have known for a while that my roommate is crazy, hyperactive, and aggressive, but today that all finally came to a boil. He really loves to argue, and will fight with anyone who will listen. Today, we were having a roommate “discussion” because I had friends over last night who woke him up. When he started to call me names, I told him to shove it and I went to my room and tried to lock the door. He forces his way through the door while I’m trying to lock it, and throws me across the room and into a wall.


It’s an unfortunate situation, but when I told some of my friends about it, they mentioned several other expats they knew who had had similar problems. Really, my rooming choice was probably not the smartest in a country where quick aggression and conflict escalation is the norm. The other day, my driver pulled out into the oncoming lane because he was tired of waiting in the line of honking cars at the traffic light. He almost hit a motorcyclist (who was coming down the correct, oncoming lane) while trying to zoom ahead of the line, and we all came to a screeching halt. My driver’s reaction was to get out of the car and get in the motorcyclist’s face, even though he was the one who was completely and singularly wrong in that situation. This is only one example, not to even go into the many fights, outcries, and general temper tantrums I see in my classes on a daily basis. I have to lovingly remind my students all the time that everything is going to be ok, and x small problem is not worth screaming about.


The point is, I should have predicted that something like this might happen. I will move out as soon as possible, and find some nice, sane expat ladies to live with. And I will be more careful about igniting the rage of anyone else here.


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