Daily Routine in Istanbul

11:20 Wake up after refusing to get up at my 10 am alarm. Hastily get ready.


11:30 Walk to the metro, and then to the dolmuş (aka slowest and most price-inflated bus on earth). Get honked at a lot by angry drivers. Grab a simit (bread ring encrusted with sesame seeds).


12:30 Barely make it to my first class, spend the next 5 hours in hell. Gobble down as much simit as possible during my 10 min breaks. Curse myself for waking up so late.


5:00 Home freeee! Get a ride home from co-workers. Crank some poppin’ tunes in the car.


6:00 Make it back to my neighborhood, pick out tasty dinner items. Spend as much money on candy as I do on actual food.


7:00 Have a glass of wine, or 3.


8:00 This is where things get interesting. I’ve been very social here, doing something almost every night. Usually, I end up at Taksim, the most bustling part of the city. More details to follow in an upcoming post: Leisure Time in Istanbul. Anyhow, the night often goes until sunrise, even on workdays. By the time I get home, I am so exhausted that I’m sure to sleep in until 11:20 again!


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