Shopping Heaven!

It’s starting to get cold in Istanbul, but there’s one problem… when I left America, I only had enough room in my suitcase for clothing for Thailand. That means that now all I had for cold weather was a light cardigan and a pair of yoga pants. So… I went shopping!!!!


Now, I am a huge fan of Turkish fashion. It is so beautiful and elegant. A lot of very feminine, silky, flowing tops with tight, pants. Solid colors, but tastefully embellished. I really like this trend where they put little gold zippers on clothes, like on the back of shirts or on the sides of tights. It looks so nice! And the mark of beauty is tall, long-legged women, so all of these clothes were designed with me in mind 🙂


(Aside: I thought it was funny that a Turkish friend of mine was complaining about this girl he was interested in, who was being kind of flaky. He told me, “she acts like a princess, and she’s not even that great. She’s only 160 centimeters!” Haha, I would have never dreamed of a place where a girl being too short was a major concern. Turkey, I’m home!)


The only problem is, everything is soooo expensive. I walk into a mall, and I can’t find a single thing in my price range. But then, I realized you can get the same kind of stuff in the markets for unbelievably low prices. There are these huge bins of clothing along some streets, always with a bunch of women digging through them. I had thought they would be really cheap quality clothes, but when I stopped to look in one, I realized that they have the same brands as some of the expensive chains in Istanbul! And the prices are amazing, often 5 TL (3 dollars) for a shirt. My shopping just skyrocketed from there, and now I am outfitted with a whole new, beautiful wardrobe.


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