Typical Day in Song

I’ve settled into quite a routine here, and it goes like this:

7:20 Alarm goes off for the second time, and I stumble out of bed. Brush my teeth, change into my uniform.

7:30 Walk across the street to school, stop in the canteen to grab some breakfast foods.

7:40 Eat breakfast in my office while checking my emails.

8:00 Whole school assembly starts. They sing some songs, and the marching band plays. The marching band is really impressive– they are almost as good as my high school marching band. (and made of 3-6 graders)

8:25 The head of the kindergarten classrooms comes to my office to remind me (yes, on a daily basis) that I have class at 8:30 with the kindergarten students.

8:30 Go to my kindergarteners, I sing songs/try to play games with them, they don’t really pay attention much. I happily move on to my next class after about 20 minutes.

9:00- 11:00 Go to see two more classes, usually 2nd-3rd graders. In the mornings, the kids are pretty focused and well-behaved.

11:00 Planning hour. Usually, though, teachers keep walking past and “inviting” me to go outside and interact with the students. I don’t think they understand the purpose of a planning hour, and feel cheated out of their money that I don’t look very busy. (Meanwhile, they’re all chilling in the break room)

12:00 Lunch time. I eat noodles in the school canteen. Then I hurry home to take a nap.

1:00-4:00 Back to class. In the afternoons, the kids are usually way rowdy. They get all worked up running around at lunchtime. So, my afternoon classes involve a lot more drawing– that’s the one thing that will get everyone really focused and keep me from a massive headache.

4:00 Class is over, and I usually go outside to play games with the kids while they wait for their buses.

4:30 I walk across the street to buy Thai iced tea. I take it home and drink it while I practice the ukulele. Usually, I am so tired that I end up falling asleep again.

6:30 I am wide awake now, after napping so much. I hurry down to the market before it closes. I buy some rice and a portion of whatever looks the best. Usually there’s not a lot left by the time I get there. I take it home to eat while watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

7:00 play some more ukulele

8:00 I’m starting to get hyper. So I put on my ipod and dance around the basement of my house for an hour.

9:00 Start planning my lessons for the next day before it’s too late.

10:30 I’ve got the munchies again, so I go down to 7 eleven and buy way too much food. I get harassed by the super cool high school kids who are hanging out outside 7-11. They are the only other people who are still up at this time.

11:00 Watch a movie, fall asleep halfway through it. Keep having to backtrack to figure out what’s going on. Finally give up, read the synopsis online, and call it a night.


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