The Noodle Ritual

Noodles. Everywhere. What do you have for lunch? Noodles. What do you have for dinner? Noodles. These noodles have been the staple of my diet for the past 3 months.


You go up to one of the glass cases selling noodles, and you pick what type of noodles you want. There are thick yellow noodles, thin glass noodles, flat, wide rice noodles, and a bunch of other kinds of noodles. I feel like I’m saying the word noodles a lot. That’s good, because it’s a funny word.


You never really know what you’re going to get when you order a bowl of noodles. They put whatever they want in them, whatever they have around. But some common things are sliced or ground pork, fish or pork balls, wontons, a variety of chopped green veggies, dried garlic, and/or string beans. And then they fill your bowl with broth flavored with the same meats/vegetables. Then you take your little bowl to the table, where there are condiments– the signature sweet (sugar), sour (pickled chilies), spicy (ground chili), and salty (fish sauce). You are supposed to add some of all 4 flavors. Personally, I think the broth tastes good already.


I’d have to say this is probably the most common food in Thailand– all restaurants have it, and a good portion have nothing but. So if anyone wants to come here to live, they better frickin like noodles!


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