My advice to you about second graders

Dear readers,

I’ve always said that I wanted to teach second grade because the kids are still really cute, but they also have the capacity to pay attention and think in rational ways.


I must report that I was SOOOOO right.


My first graders are definitely the cutest, but all they want to do in class is come up and show me pictures they drew, or try to get me to play games with them, or fight over who gets to hold my hand. No real work is getting done in those classes, and I don’t think they really understand why they’re at school. But they’re so sweet.


The third graders are not really as cute, but I can be creative with them and design slightly intricate games that are always a lot of fun. These classes are a break from the headaches of the prathom 1 classes, where I spend the whole time trying to manage everyone’s needs for attention before someone ends up crying.


But right in that sweet spot, somewhere in between, is a little thing they call SECOND grade. And in such a class, not only are there adorable little ones, but there are adorable little ones who yell at each other to be quiet/cooperative, and who try their hardest to learn. Hands down, second grade wins!!!!!


So many pictures coming your way in the next week- it will be my last one at the school.


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