Fire and Brimstone


I experienced my first Thai electrical storm tonight, and it’s nothing like the ones back home. There’s no rain, no thunder… only periodic green flashes in the sky. The cool thing is the power lines… they are going crazy! Every few seconds, a surge of electricity will run down them, making that sickening zapping noise and sending a flash of light down the street. I’m just hoping they won’t decide to collapse… they were already looking sketchy before all this.

This is not to mention the deafening, monsoon rains that we’ve been having lately… It gets so heavy that my ears feel like they would after a night of being at a loud concert. Whenever they start, I’m almost too afraid to go outside, for fear of being crushed by the rain. I just look out my window in awe at a world that seems temporarily underwater. Now THIS is what I like to see during rainy season!


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