Not bad, not bad at all.


(Me with some of the other teachers in the school)

Settling in quite nicely. There’s nothing to do here, so it’s impossible to be stressed for time. It’s a nice change after Princeton.

Teaching has turned out to be a mixed bag. Some classes are so rewarding. They really want to learn and I am so motivated to help them learn. I sometimes run overtime on accident because I, and the students, are so engrossed in the lesson.

Other classes are a nightmare. I have one class where, as soon as I walk into the room, they all start screaming, running around, and wrestling each other. By the end of the hour, most of them have run outside to go play. I think that after having such strict Thai teachers, they welcome the opportunity to take advantage of a teacher who is not going to yell, hit, and otherwise coerce them to stay in line. I know I won’t be at this school for long, and I’d prefer to save my energy for reaching out to the students who really want to learn. If some choose to miss out, then so be it.

And luckily, in this region there are a lot of different cities to visit within 4-5 hours’ drive. I’m looking forward to exploring the region more very soon!


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