First Day of Teaching

Well, today was my first teaching day, and it was a moderate success. I taught two classes each of 1st and 3rd graders. Although they are at almost the same level of English, the classes were completely different. In one of my first grade lessons, I was throwing a paper ball to students to have them answer questions. One student decided to make his own paper ball and chuck it at me. In contrast, my third grade classes both cheered when I walked in the room. They were self-disciplining, and after the lesson the students all helped me pack up and gave me a big hug. I think I will love teaching my third graders and be really motivated to make those lessons good– the first grade lessons, I might just suffer through.

I think that the lessons today proved that young learners are the same everywhere. The main challenge will be to keep them involved; if they get crazy, no one will be able to learn anything. Once you have their attention, it’s pretty easy to teach them the simple kind of English that I will be teaching. Wish me luck!


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