CELTA: Check

I guess this post is a little late, but I have just completed my CELTA course. Boy, was that rough. Hour commute each way, class from 9-6, then come home, eat dinner, plan the next day’s lesson until midnight, and go to bed. I learned a lot about teaching, and I feel pretty comfortable teaching… adults. Too bad most of the jobs open are for kids.


Speaking of jobs, I posted my resume on a job website and my phone has been ringing off the hook with job offers. I had a few interviews but they didn’t go too far… I decided to accept one of the offers with a company called mediakids. I was a little sketched out that they had blindly offered me a job without an interview, but I decided that since the contract was only for 2 months, I could put up with anything they threw at me. I just need to get some money in the bank and get a bit of experience. So that starts in a few days.


Anywho, back to the CELTA. Our students were refugees from many countries, predominantly Somalia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Iran. I think it’s really rewarding to teach adults because they usually have personal motivation for learning English, and you know that you are helping them accomplish some of their personal goals. You can also get a lot more creative with the activities. But, the experience wasn’t like the real world, I think– a lot of classrooms have nothing more than a chalkboard, and getting used to a multimedia approach may have spoiled me to what I’ll have in the future.


The course was pretty overwhelming. I’d say it was more stressful than Princeton, because you were accountable for showing up all the time/ turning things in on a daily basis. There was no room to breathe or do work in large chunks, as I am best at doing. I’m glad I’ve got my CELTA, and glad it’s over.



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