Oh man. Last weekend I went with some friends to a really cool place called Ayutthaya (the ancient city). It’s the old capital of Thailand, and there are ruins scattered all over the city. It’s sort of eerie to walk around, because everything has burn marks on it– several different groups of warriors came through and burnt down the city at various times. Then the people would rebuild it, and then it would get burnt down again… finally everyone decided to leave. Also, the warriors who came through the area cut the heads off all of the Buddha statues in the town, so there are a bunch of headless Buddhas everywhere.




The city is really nice because you can bike around to all of the different archaeological sties. There are also elephants for the lazy.



On the final stop of our bike trip, we went to a floating market. There were all these huts, and boats would dock on the edge of them to sell stuff. You can get stuff like coconut ice cream (in an actual coconut!), refreshments, and fried snacks.




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