Uh oh…

Well folks, I got robbed.

I guess I was totally asking for it… I had my wallet sitting out on the table while I was eating (in the food court of the building where I’m studying, which had always seemed pretty chill…), and someone took it while I was looking the other way.

Thailand had felt really safe up until now, this is a real wake-up call to remind me that I’m in a third world country. Most of all, I feel pretty humiliated… it seems like several of the workers sitting there in their stalls would have had to see this happen. It feels like a conspiracy against the foreigner… no one was on my side to say “wtf are you doing?” And worst of all, I feel like that person probably hangs out there a lot… so I’ll be seeing them everyday and they’ll get to laugh knowing that they stole my wallet and I never figured them out.



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