Normally, I think that interracial couples are beautiful. But there’s one particular setup over here that just doesn’t sit right with me. Since I’ve been in Thailand, I’ve seen countless crusty old white men holding hands with young Thai women. It’s so gross! I swear, the group of expat men here is the most unimpressive, homely group of men I’ve ever seen in my life. And oh, do they love to brag about the amount of attention that they get from the young Thai women. Come on, they have to be aware that if they weren’t buying everything for them these women would shrink at their touch. What’s to brag about here? I feel really embarrassed for these poor dudes… I bet most of them had felt undesirable/incompetent with women their whole lives until they came here and experienced some positive attention (even if it is contrived!) It’s an embarrassment for everyone involved, really.

They can go ahead and have their fun I suppose, the women are just as responsible for perpetrating this system… All the same, I wish these creeps wouldn’t then get such an inflated view of themselves that they start looking at EVERY woman around here like they are goods in a market that can be bought for the right price. Or to get the idea that every unremarkable comment they make should amaze any woman, because we’re all dumb/helpless. A few bucks may have you spoiled over here, but never forget that in the rest of the world you were just a nasty old sketcher.


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