Awwww here we go!

Well, tomorrow everything changes– I’ll be halfway across the world in a country whose language I barely speak, with very little money, no job, and no permanent place to stay. I’m beginning to wonder if all the people who have looked at me like I’m crazy when I tell them about my after-college plans were right.

No really, I’m terrified.

However, if I’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that my fear usually means I’m on the right track towards personal growth, and I’m betting I’m about to discover something truly spectacular and novel.

I can say that there has been one big relief so far about leaving everything behind, and that was, literally, leaving everything behind. It’s liberating to have exactly what I need– some clothes, toiletries, and money– and nothing else. We amass so much useless junk in our lifetimes, and it just becomes more stuff to worry about. (By the way, watch George Carlin’s skit on “stuff”. Hilarious and true.)

Anyhow, I will update once I arrive in Hong Kong! Peace!


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